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Quick and Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Front Porch for Spring

Winter can turn your porch drab and dirty. With these three simple steps, I was able to breathe new life into my front porch and give it the pop of color it needed! | front porch ideas | container garden | container gardening | decorating with yellow | spring cleaning

Seattle is known for its soggy weather, but this past winter pushed the limits and broke major rainfall records. Our north-facing front steps took the brunt of the abuse, leaving it looking sad and neglected. This week, the sun finally emerged, and I'm rushing to spruce up our porch for spring. With a little help from some spray paint, the power washer, and colorful flowers from Monrovia, I created a bright and cheerful entryway with major curb appeal!

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I had a lot of work to do to help this front porch recover from a brutal winter. The bright yellow planter that adorns the front corner had chipped paint. The steps were slimy and dark with mildew. Even the welcome mat wasn't very welcoming anymore. Not exactly the sight you want guests to see when they come to visit!

After a long, wet winter, our front porch was looking pretty sad! With a few simple tasks, I was able to spruce it up for spring!

Last year, I bought a large self-watering pot and spray painted it bright yellow to coordinate with the French mailbox we picked up in Paris. Over time, it developed a few scratches and chips, showing the dark green plastic beneath.

The paint had chipped on my flower pot, showing the dark green plastic underneath.

I gave the outside of the pot a good cleaning and removed the top eight inches of old soil. The rest was covered with plastic wrap to protect it from the paint.


All the scratches and chips got a quick hit of spray paint, and the pot was good as new! You can learn more about how I spray paint plastic (and everything else!) in this article.

With a little spray paint, our large flower pot was looking like new again!

While the paint was drying, I turned my attention to the front steps. You can see exactly where the pot had been sitting all winter, surrounded by mildew. So gross!

You can see exactly where my flower pot sat all winter, with mildew collecting around it. So gross!

I sprayed down the entire porch with plant-safe outdoor cleaner and let it soak while I hooked up the pressure washer. This is my favorite outdoor tool, and it's quite satisfying to see all that gunk erased with a powerful stream of water!

Power washing is one of the fun jobs at our house!

Ahhh, so much better! Goodbye, slime!

Power washing can make a huge difference in your curb appeal!

Even our yellow doormat got a bath. The power washer lifted up all the mud buried in the fibers and made it look like new again!

Even our doormat got a good cleaning to make it bright yellow again.

With all the maintenance out of the way, it was time to spruce up the front porch with new plants! My son loves picking out flowers (he even has his own container garden on the back deck), so he was happy to come along to Lowe's to help me choose. We soon filled our cart with these gorgeous bi-colored petunias and bright yellow gerber daisies.

The Monrovia plants at Lowe's will brighten up your front entryway with bold colors!

Monrovia makes it easy to choose the best flowers for your container garden. Search their plant catalog to narrow down your choices so you don't get overwhelmed by all the gorgeous options!

Start by selecting "Container" under "Landscape Use", then filter by region and sunlight requirements. In the Advanced Options menu, you can reduce your list even further. Search by color, garden style or deer resistant varieties to discover the ideal flowers for your container garden!

Find the perfect plants for your container garden on the Monrovia plant catalog website!

Pick out your favorites, then order them online and Monrovia will ship them for free to your neighborhood nursery. I've ordered plants online from other companies before, and they arrive in a cardboard box, half dead and mangled from getting tossed around the delivery truck! Monrovia's plants are delivered to the nursery along with the others to be set out for sale, so you know they'll be healthy and ready to plant!

These gorgeous bi-colored petunias from Monrovia are the perfect plants for my yellow flower pot.

I added a few inches of fresh potting soil to the planter, then started filling in the edges with these pink and yellow petunias. Over time, they'll cascade over the edge of the pot for an elegant waterfall of color!

Set the petunias around the edge of the flower pot, where they can cascade over the edge.

In the middle, I planted the gerber daisies. I created a little mound of dirt in the center, so they would rise above the petunias.

Create a mound in the center of the pot for the daisies to give them additional height.

The back of this planter doesn't get much sun, so I decided to fill it in with more potting soil instead. The extra soil behind the daisies will also help keep them at their higher elevation.

The back of this flower pot doesn't get much sun. Rather than plant flowers that will grow scraggly from lack of sunlight, I left the back empty. The plants in the front will fill in some of the extra dirt to make it appear less bare.

What a difference! In just a few hours, I transformed our sad, neglected front porch into a bright and cheerful space.

Spruce up your front porch with brightly colored flowers! Monrovia's website will help you pick out the best plants for your garden.

Yellow flowers contrast perfectly with a red house! Find all the yellow flowers your garden needs at Monrovia!

This bright yellow container full of colorful petunias and daisies give our front porch a huge boost of curb appeal!

No mildew here! Just bright colors!

With a little spray paint, power washing and colorful flowers, my front porch has been transformed into a bright and cheerful entry!

Give your own container garden a burst of color with Monrovia, and Grow Beautifully!

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Winter can turn your porch drab and dirty. With these three simple steps, I was able to breathe new life into my front porch and give it the pop of color it needed! | front porch ideas | container garden | container gardening | decorating with yellow | spring cleaning


Monday 8th of May 2017

This is just completely beautiful. I am updating our master bedroom in a little Jamaican style and this would rock our little private balcony. Love it.

Found you on Tada Thursday.


Monday 8th of May 2017

It looks really lively! It certainly welcomes spring by displaying the bright yellow color!!! Love it!


Sunday 7th of May 2017

Love the colors you chose! What a beautiful project.


Sunday 7th of May 2017

The porch looks so pretty with the bright yellow. It sure does say welcome.

Linh B

Saturday 6th of May 2017

Great post! I love the way you spend time on this beautiful flower <3 I hope you are having fun with them!

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