Sawdust may seem like waste material, but it can solve a lot of problems! Here are 10 clever uses for sawdust you might not have thought of!

Use the sawdust to clean up stains like oil and coolant from your garage floor.

You can use the sawdust as mulch by either adding to other mulch or on its own. Do not use chemically treated lumber.

Use sawdust to make a garden path. It will help keep the path clear of weeds and grass.

You can use sawdust to make wood shaving crafts like Christmas decorations.

Try using it to dispose of old paint. The sawdust will help dry out the paint for easier disposal.

Sawdust is great for storing root vegetables. 

Consider a sawdust collection system with a vac system. This can help with respiratory issues that sawdust causes. 

Be careful with using sawdust as small pet bedding. Not all sawdust is pet friendly!

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