Have a tiny balcony or patio space, but still want to grill? This small DIY grill station is just what you need! It gives you plenty of room to cook, and can also be used as a bar or serving area.

MATERIALS NEEDED You will need a few sizes of wood boards, wood glue, screws, brad nails, tools, and a few other odds and ends to make your own.

Cut your 2x4 pieces. Use rot resistant wood to protect from the elements.

Drill pocket holes in the ends of the frame pieces.

Assemble the frame of the grill station, creating two legs and connecting them with the longer pieces of wood.

Attach the bottom shelf slats using finishing nails or countersink screws.

Add the center support to hold the weight of the heavy concrete pavers.

Sand and apply finish to the entire build. As an extra you can add casters for easy movement.

Place your concrete pavers on top using masonry adhesive.

Fire up that grill and get to entertaining!

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