diy pallet 

Pumpkin trio


Decorate your home for fall with this DIY pallet pumpkin trio! Use different finishes to give each wooden pumpkin a unique look. Makes a cute patio display!

Take apart the pallets and sand

Pallets are notoriously dirty. Strap on a dust mask before you start sanding so you don't inhale any nasty stuff!

Sketch pumpkin shapes and cut out

Once you are happy with the shape, cut out using a jigsaw

Assemble the  pallet pumpkins

Use any leftover pallet wood to create braces across the back of the pumpkins. These span the entire width of the pumpkin and hold all the slats together.

Cut each brace to fit the back, keeping the ends about an inch from the edge of the pumpkin.

Cut each brace to  fit the back

Trim off jagged edges and create a base out of scrap wood.

Make a base

You can make these out of wood from the discard pile.  The gnarled edges make great pumpkin stems

Make the stems

Attach your stems to the back of the pumpkins using brad nails.

Attach stems

I used orange stain on mine because I didn't want to hide the rustic look of the wood.

Apply Stain

swipe up to learn how to give them each their own individual look!

Attach the base using  simple angle brackets

Attach the base

Your pallet pumpkin trio is ready to display!

Add some raffia or faux leaves to give them more dimension