Want to add privacy to your windows, while still letting sunlight shine through? Learn how to apply frosted contact paper for windows!

Static Cling vs. Adhesive

Static cling doesn't stick to itself, and is easily repositioned. It peels off easy however. Adhesive sticks very well, but the material doesn't reposition well and often has air bubbles.

Once you have chosen a type, measure and cut the contact paper to size. 

Clean and spray the glass with window cleaner. You want a clean dust free surface to work with.

Peel off the paper backing while attaching the contact paper to the window. This helps reduce the adhesive from sticking to itself.

Use a flat edge item, like a credit card to push out the air bubbles.

Wipe down the contact paper. When the contact paper dries the adhesive will be stronger.

Once the adhesive has secured the window can function as normal.