Patio furniture seems to just keep going up in price, but here is a perfect DIY coffee table you can make with some low cost materials.

You can make your own with some 2x4 lumber, tools, and a few weather resistant supplies.

To start cut all the 2x4 and 2x2 lumber pieces.

Drill pocket holes using your pocket hole jig.

Assemble the coffee table frame using wood glue and pocket hole screws.

Dry fit the slats for the top of the coffee table.

Connect the slats to the frame using pocket hole screws; then give the top a nice sanding.

Now you can build the two legs with 2x4 wood, and attach them to the top frame.

All you have left to do is add paint or stain to protect the wood from the elements.

Now you can enjoy your cozy patio set up!