Pea Gravel Patio Pros and Cons


Pea gravel is a great alternative for homeowners when it comes to creating a beautiful patio space.

Pea gravel offers many pros including: easy maintenance, simple install, and overall price.

Pea gravel can be purchased for around $20 - $60 per cubic yard, and blends seamlessly with it's surroundings.

Pea gravel requires minimal maintenance when proper install is followed, and it is better suited for water drainage than concrete.

Pea gravel is easy to install with minimal prep steps, and can be customized to the homeowners liking.

Though low maintenance, pea gravel isn't maintenance free. Especially from weeds.

Pea gravel is not a solid surface; so patio furniture legs can sink down into it, and the gravel can transfer.

Though pea gravel has its downside, it is still a great alternative to typical concrete and lumber.