Learn how to make a planter box with these gorgeous DIY window box planter ideas! They're the perfect finishing touch to your exterior, and they're super easy to make yourself!

Deck Railing Planter Box

Add a burst of color and vibrant plant life with this DIY deck railing planter box.

DIY Window Box Herb Garden

With this tiered design the box doesn't even have to be attached to the window.

DIY Lattice  Window Boxes

These window boxes have the added flair with this lattice design.

The window doesn't even have to be functional with this DIY window box.

Repurposed Window, Window Box

This DIY is perfect for a kids room, and adds awesome sensory play.

Felt Succulent  Window Box DIY

Corbels add a traditional touch to these window boxes, and bonus a little more stability.

DIY Window Planter Box with Corbels

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