HOW TO BUILD planter boxes for your deck railing


These DIY railing planters are so easy to make, and don't need any special hardware! Add these deck rail planter boxes to your wooden balcony or deck rail for an instant garden anywhere!

To build your own grab some cedar wood, nails, screws, a few tools, and a few other supplies.

Prepare the cedar wood by trimming and sanding to a smooth finish.

Now, you can cut the cedar wood into pieces for the planter box.

Assemble the boxes with wood glue and brad nails.

You will be attaching the boxes using a French cleat. Attach one to the back of the box and one on the deck railing.

Paint or stain the planter box as desired.

You can add these corner brackets as a nice decorative detail.

Fill your planter boxes with flowers or herbs.

Hook the planter box to the railing with the French cleat for a seamless but secure look.

What will you plant in yours? The options are endless.