diy live edge 

Floating Shelves


Turn a rustic board into gorgeous live edge floating shelves with this simple tutorial! All you need is a drill, a board and hidden brackets!

Live edge board  Floating shelf hardware Wall anchors Cordless drill Drill bit  Wide painter's tape Level Pencil

Materials Needed

Clean up the live edge

Cut off ragged ends and clean up any dirt using a soft sanding block.  Make sure you wear a mask to protect against spores

Buy the right hardware

You'll want to use brackets that are at least an inch shorter than the width of your board.


Measure the desired distance from the sides of the board. Then mark the halfway point of the thickness of the board. Where those two marks meet is where you should drill the hole for the bracket post.

Place the drill bit with the painter's tape into the drill, and line up the point with the X. Check the bubble level on the top of the drill to make sure your bit is level before starting to drill the hole.

Drill the hole

Dump out the sawdust from the hole, then check the fit of the bracket post.

Check fit

Add stain and poly top coat.

Apply Finish

Poke through the tape with a pencil where the bracket holes are located, then remove the tape. Then place the tape on the walls where you want the shelves to go, making sure it's level.

Attach wall brackets

Installing these live edge floating shelves couldn't be easier! Just line up the brackets with the holes and slide it on.

Hang Shelves

Your live edge shelves are ready!

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