how to make a

pea gravel patio


This DIY pea gravel patio is cheap and easy to make yourself! I'll show you how to make a gravel patio in just a few days for the perfect backyard hangout!

Pea gravel 3 inches deep Border pavers Straight edged shovel Metal rake Tamper Marking spray paint Landscaping fabric Landscaping fabric stakes Wheelbarrow or dump cart

Materials Needed

Remove grass if needed

Determine the shape of your gravel patio, then spray paint the desired line.

Dig down  three inches

I found that three inches is the perfect depth for a pea gravel patio. Too shallow, and the rocks can mix with the soil and create a muddy mess. Too deep, and it's hard to walk across.


Once you've got the soil cleared away, compact the soil with a tamper.  Then roll weed blocking landscaping fabric across the entire area and secure with stakes.

The raised side goes along the grass, and makes it easy to create straight and curved lines with the edging blocks.

Install Edging

Spread out the rocks with a metal rake over the entire patio area.

Add Pea Gravel

When you've filled it about an inch, use the tamper to stabilize and compact the gravel patio base layer.  Add remaining pea gravel

Use Tamper

Add a fire pit and benches and you're ready to use your pea gravel patio!