Are polycrylic and polyurethane the same thing? When should you use one or the other? Let's find out!

Polycrylic is water based and can be used on stained or raw wood and can also be used over latex paint.

Use on low contact areas, it usually doesn't alter the color, but it is not heat resisitant.

Polyurethane is oil based, it's durable and is more heat resistant than polycrylic.

It's good to use on hardwood floors, bare wood, and doors to prevent damage to the finish.

Both can be applied the same way, but polyurethane may cause a yellow tint, so test a small are before applying.

Major differences to consider before deciding which to use: Polycrylic is water based. Polyurethane is considered more durable. Polycrylic dries faster.

Polyurethane has greater water resistance. Polycrylic is easier to clean. Polycrylic tends to dry to a clear or slightly milky hue. Polyurethane tends to dry with a slight yellowish tint.