Outdoor toys and supplies tend to clutter good garage space and the yard. Now with an outdoor storage space, everything will have its place!

Grab some quality cedar wood (great for outdoors because it is rot resistant), hinges, tools, and some other odds and ends.

Start by building the storage box frame, and drilling pocket holes into the ends for later.

Build the back piece, and the decorative slats. Use the pocket holes to connect without seeing the screws.

Attach the back piece, and the front legs to the box frame.

Enclose the box with cedar fencing. I added decorative pieces to the front for added flair.

Attach the bottom; I used mesh to allow dirt and water to drain through, but you can also use wooden planks.

Now you can build and attach the bench lid. This will double as a seat, so sand the wood down well.

Your storage bench is done, and now you can declutter that garage and yard.