Do you need a jointer AND a planer in your shop? Unsure how they work? Learn everything you need to know about a jointer vs planer in this article!

A jointer will create a perfectly flat surface.

You can save a lot of money and ensure that every board is perfectly square if you mill the lumber yourself.

A jointer will create a perfectly flat surface. Jointers have a spinning blade within the table. Jointers cannot effectively shave a board to uniform thickness.

A planer removes high spots, creating a flat surface on top.

Use a planer when you need to make a board thinner or when you want to make an uneven board a uniform thickness.

The planer will create a uniform thickness. Planers have a flat deck and a blade that spins above the table. Planers cannot make a board with perfectly square sides on its own.

They're not crucial tools for every workshop, but they definitely come in handy sometimes! As my woodworking skills improve, I find that I rely on these tools more often for high quality results.