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How to Deep Clean Hardwood Floors

Our 1946 hardwood floors have tons of character, but collect tons of dirt too. Find out how I deep clean hardwood floors with Bona PowerPlus!

This is how I deep clean hardwood floors. The difference before and after using Bona PowerPlus hardwood floor deep cleaner is amazing!
The floors throughout the main floor of our house are original 1946 oak hardwood. While I love the character and warmth they bring to the space, I hate all the dirt that gets embedded in every scratch and groove that has been created in the last 70+ years. The light natural color just highlights the grimy cracks! But I've finally found a way to deep clean hardwood floors easily!

This post was sponsored by Bona and contains affiliate links.

I've raved about Bona products before, and was thrilled when they asked me to try out their new PowerPlus Deep Cleaner and Microfiber Deep Clean Pad. I decided to put these products to the test on the most troublesome spot in the house: our back door.

Doorways are the most important place to deep clean hardwood floors!A couple years ago, we moved our back door from the kitchen to the dining room to free up valuable space. But now dirty shoes come in from the backyard and land on the hardwood floor instead of kitchen tile. Over time, rain and dirt have taken their toll. Even after regular mopping, it looked like this.

Even after cleaning with regular floor cleaner, our hardwood floors still looked dirty, especially near the door. This is how I deep clean hardwood floors to make them look their best for years to come.

I decided to put Bona PowerPlus Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaner to the test in this tough spot. It uses an oxygenated formula to bubble away grime. A quick spray of the area started the deep cleaning action.

Just spray Bona PowerPlus deep cleaner on your hardwood floors and let it permeate the dirt.I let it sit for a minute to allow it to penetrate into the grooves, then used the Bona PowerPlus Microfiber Deep Clean Pad to wipe away the excess.

Wipe off the excess cleanser with the Bona PowerPlus microfiber cleaning pad to deep clean hardwood floors easily.

After the floor dried completely, the difference was amazing!

I never thought I could deep clean hardwood floors quite like this!Here's the same section of floor, before and after using Bona PowerPlus Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaner. The difference in color is due to the ever-changing sunlight of winter in the Pacific Northwest, not the cleaner!

The difference before and after using Bona PowerPlus hardwood floor deep cleaner is amazing!

I'm totally sold on this cleaner, and will be tackling the front door area next. This product makes it so easy to deep clean hardwood floors without scrubbing or damaging the wood!

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Jann Olson

Monday 10th of September 2018

Bona is what I use on our hardwood floors as well. Such a great product! Thanks for sharing with SYC. hugs, Jann


Saturday 8th of September 2018

I have a little sample bottle of Bona that I haven't tried yet.. now I think I need to try it ASAP! What a difference that makes!

Thanks so much for linking up with the Share Your Style link party!


Friday 7th of September 2018

My hardwood floors are 60 years old, with 2 dogs and family messes, I will try the Bona products. Thanks for the review, Linda, Astro & Mitzie


Sunday 19th of February 2017

We have used the Bona products before. But I have never seen the deep cleaning one. We typically use a steamer to do serious cleaning. I'll check it out.

Thank you!


Tuesday 31st of January 2017

I love Bona products. They were recommended when I got my floors installed.

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