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15 DIY Bathtub Tray Ideas for a Relaxing Soak

With these amazing DIY bathtub tray ideas, you may never want to leave the tub! These simple tub trays keep your book, tablet, phone and drink above water so you can enjoy a relaxing soak.

DIY bathtub tray ideas

After spending over a month remodeling our downstairs bathroom all by myself, you'd think I'd want to spend every moment possible lounging in the tub! But even with the addition of a luxurious stone tile bathtub surround, I have yet to step foot in it! Maybe what I need is one of these DIY bathtub trays to help me relax . . .

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All you need to make one of these tub trays is a few boards and cabinet door handles. It's a great beginner project that would also make a nice gift! There are lots of different styles and features in this list, so you're sure to find the perfect one for your bathroom!

15 DIY Bathtub Tray Ideas

15 DIY bathtub tray ideas


Wednesday 11th of December 2019

oh if only I were handy! These are GREAT ideas!

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