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How to Hang a Corner Cabinet

Learn how to install a small bathroom corner cabinet! Tips for hanging a corner cabinet for extra storage and how to hide the clutter inside.

how to hang a corner cabinet

Everyone needs more bathroom storage, but adding to an already cramped space can be a challenge. Our main bathroom only has a pedestal sink, so there's no place to hide all those essentials like hair dryers and brushes.

Recessed bathroom shelves aren't deep enough to hold much, and our medicine cabinet is packed to the gills! So I decided to install a small bathroom corner cabinet to add some much-needed storage!

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I've remodeled the basement bathroom and the half bath upstairs, but this one still gets used the most! It's right next to our bedrooms, so it sees a lot of traffic in the morning. Believe it or not, this was the entirety of our storage situation!

small bathroom corner shelf with hair dryer and brushes

I was so desperate for more bathroom storage, I bought this corner cabinet less than a month after we moved into our house. Then it sat in the basement while other projects, such as replacing the rotting deck, took priority.

But my dad came to visit and to help out with a few projects, so it was time to dust off that corner cabinet and get it installed!

Materials Needed

Tips for Installing a Corner Cabinet

File Down the Corner

The back corner of the cabinet was a nice, sharp 90-degree angle. Our walls, however, are anything but!

We have crazy texture on our bathroom walls (get my tips for painting textured walls here), so flattening out the cabinet corner will allow it to sit closer to the wall. This means less caulking later on, which is always a win in my book!

Luckily, my dad brought me a present: my grandfather's old hand plane, which my dad sharpened for me. After a few passes, the corner was flat enough to fit snugly against the wall.

flattening back edge of corner cabinet before installation

Caulk the Back Before Installation

I never would have thought of this trick myself! My dad recommended that we caulk the back of the cabinet before we install it.

This way, the caulk can squish into the texture of the wall right along the edge to form a barrier. This barrier prevents the finishing caulk from getting sucked in behind the cabinet, resulting in a straighter line.

He used his finger to guide the caulk gun along the edge of the cabinet. Try to prevent the caulk from dripping off the edge! Get more tips on how to use a caulk gun like a pro here.

caulking back of small bathroom corner cabinet before installation

Switch out the Screws

Finally, my dad suggested we switch out the flimsy little screws that came with the small bathroom corner cabinet. The last thing you want is for someone to get knocked out by a falling cabinet while they do their business in the bathroom!

These heavy duty wall anchors and screws are a vast improvement. One of the screw holes in the cabinet lined up with a stud, making the installation even more secure. Learn how to find a stud here!

comparison of wall anchors included with bathroom corner cabinet versus heavy duty wall anchors

Hold the cabinet in place and mark the position of the screw holes and the bottom of the cabinet on the wall with a pencil. Then drill pilot holes and insert the wall anchors.

Stick the screws into the holes in the cabinet, then lift the cabinet up to the marked line. This makes it so much easier to find those wall anchors again!

Caulk the Seams

For a professional, built-in look, run a bead of caulk along the seams where the cabinet meets the wall. It will close up the gap and make it look like it's always been there! I also added caulk along the edges of the corner cabinet itself, since the joints were a little more open than I'd like.

One last tip from my dad: use a butter knife wrapped in a damp paper towel to clear out any caulk buildup on the inside corners.

Add Translucent Contact Paper to Glass (optional)

I was so excited to finally have more bathroom storage space, I started loading the corner cabinet up right away. But something was bothering me...

small bathroom corner cabinet with glass door installed on the wall

You could still see all our junk through the glass door! Luckily, there's a quick fix!

I love using contact paper for hiding all kinds of problem areas. I've used it to cover our ugly kitchen countertops, the bright red cabinet doors in the workshop, and even the bifold doors of this DIY room divider!

Just apply translucent rice paper contact paper to the inside of the glass to hide away the clutter. Problem solved! I have a full tutorial on how to apply frosted contact paper for windows if you need a step by step guide.

small bathroom corner cabinet with contact paper on glass door

Enjoy your Extra Bathroom Storage!

I love that I was able to double our bathroom storage for less than $100, and it fits perfectly within the existing wall tile. This solution was much cheaper and simpler than removing the pedestal sink and installing a vanity. If you need a little extra storage, this small bathroom corner cabinet might be exactly what you need!

Micky jr

Thursday 23rd of April 2020

I live in a small house on us. After lockdown, I will renovate my bathroom. That is an informative article for me. I hope it will help me in the future to renovate my bathroom.

Chris Johnson

Saturday 11th of January 2020

Thanks for sharing so much information. Looking forward to implementing them real soon! :)


Thursday 5th of December 2019

Thank you so much for this in-depth post, it's just what I needed. We have quite a small bathroom, so we need to make the most of every inch of space we have, so such corner cabinets would be the perfect solution.


Monday 2nd of December 2019

These were really wonderful tips, Vineta. I have been thinking about installing a corner cabinet in my bathroom too but I haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. You have inspired me! The corner cabinet idea is great because it saves space but also adds storage area, great job!


Wednesday 27th of November 2019

Great idea! I really need this! I seriously never know how to storage all my stuff in bathroom! Just saw great ideas, thank you so much !!!

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