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DIY Watercolor Wooden Coasters

These watercolor wooden coasters are beautiful AND easy to make! Burn in your design, then use watercolor pencils to make them pop!

The sky is the limit with these watercolor wooden coasters! Create your own designs, or use a stencil, and color with watercolor pencils for a fun pop of color on your coffee table!
Want an inexpensive way to create a personalized coaster set? Combine wood burning and watercolor techniques for gorgeous wooden coasters in any design you want! Make a set for yourself, and another as a gift!

Don't have a wood burning tool? Try one of these other DIY coasters instead!

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Materials for Wooden Coasters

How to Make Wooden Coasters with Wood Burning and Watercolor

Check out this short video I made of the process before you begin to see how easy these are to make!

Start by cutting a piece of 1/4" plywood into 4" squares. I dug out a piece from my scrap pile, making this project practically free! You can also use blank wooden coasters like these.

Cut your wooden coasters out of 1/4" plywood.

Sand down the surface and any rough edges.

Sand down the edges of your wooden coasters.

Select stencils for your wooden coasters. I wanted to offset the design off the edge of the plywood, but you could center it if you prefer. Trace the design onto the plywood in pencil.

Trace the design for your wooden coasters onto the plywood pieces.

Heat the wood burning tool up to high. Trace over your design with the tip of the tool, making sure it burns in deep enough to create a channel in the wood. This will prevent the watercolor from seeping out of your design in the next step.

Burn your design into the wooden coasters.

If you make a mistake with your wood burning tool, you can sand it out with 120 grit sandpaper if it's not too deep.

When you're finished burning the design into the wooden coasters, erase any remaining pencil marks.

Using watercolor pencils, color in your design. I like to layer a few colors in the same range on top of each other, so they'll blend when you add water to them.

Color in your design on your wooden coasters with watercolor pencils.

Then, the magic happens! Add water to each colored section, using a brush to blend the colors. You may have to repeat this process a couple times to get the effect you want.

Add water to the colored sections of your wooden coasters to make the colors blend and pop!

If the color bleeds past the burned lines, allow it to dry, then carefully sand those areas with a folded piece of sandpaper. This also helps to clean up any lightly burned areas that you want to remove.

When you have the design exactly how you want it, spray it with multiple coats of polyurethane. The spray works better than a brush, because it won't cause the color to bleed.

Spray polyurethane on your wooden coasters to keep the design protected from moisture.

Let them dry overnight, then they're ready to use or give as a gift! I can imagine so many different themes for these wooden coasters...florals, holiday, monogrammed. The sky is the limit!

Create your own theme for these watercolor wooden coasters! Floral, monograms, sports teams, you name it!

These watercolor wooden coasters are easy to make, and give your table a pop of color!

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The sky is the limit with these watercolor wooden coasters! Create your own designs, or use a stencil, and color with watercolor pencils for a fun pop of color on your coffee table!


Sunday 29th of April 2018

super cute diy! Thanks for sharing at the Inspiration Spotlight party @DearCreatives pinned, and sharing. See you again soon.


Saturday 28th of April 2018

Saw this on the SIOMTInspiration link party. Super cute idea! Pinned!


Wednesday 25th of April 2018

These are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing on To Grandma's House We Go!

Victoria @DazzleWhileFrazzled

Monday 23rd of April 2018

Great project and great gift idea!


Thursday 14th of December 2017

Cool project! I’ve seen people decorate spoons like this too, but I love the warecolour element.

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