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14 Stocking Holders to Buy or DIY

Whether you buy or DIY, these stocking holders are the perfect addition to your holiday decor. Get them or make them before Santa arrives!

7 stocking holders to buy and 7 stocking holders to DIY

It's almost time to get the house ready for Christmas! Now that we have a beautifully remodeled fireplace to display our stockings, I'm on the hunt for the perfect stocking holders. The question is: Do I buy or DIY? I've rounded up my favorites, both handmade and store-bought, so you can help me decide!

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Store-Bought Stocking Holders

Amazon has a great selection of stocking holders! Most are available with Prime shipping, which is perfect for those last minute decorators.

Wall mounted stocking holder

wall mount stocking holder with "The stockings were hung by the chimney with care" written on it

This first option is ideal for homes without a fireplace. Hang it on the wall and load those stockings up with goodies!

Candy Cane Stocking Hooks

candy cane stocking holders

Aren't these so cute? They hold tight against the mantel when weighted down, giving you a reason to buy more stocking stuffers! I could also see these on a staircase railing if you don't have a fireplace.

Silver Holiday Themed Mantel Hooks

silver stocking hooks with Christmas themed images

These stocking holders grip the edge of your mantel securely, keeping kids and pets safe from falling holiday decor. The decorative ornament on the front is easily removed if you prefer a cleaner look.

Christmas Tree Stocking Holder Stand

Christmas tree stocking holder stand

When you combine a Christmas tree with a stocking stand, you get this! So versatile and perfect for small living rooms.

Stocking Rack

stocking rack with "Believe" cut out of metal

Place this stocking rack in front of the fireplace on Christmas Eve, so Santa will be sure to see it! This is a great stocking solution for those without a mantel.

Chalkboard Stocking Hooks

chalkboard stocking holder hooks

These stocking hooks utilize the same method as the silver ones above, but this time with chalkboard labels. Perfect if all your stockings are identical!

Stocking and Garland Hooks

stocking and garland hanger hooks

Get twice the holiday decorations in one! These clever hooks have a spot for stockings below, and an additional hook for a beautiful garland above.

DIY Stocking Hangers

I found so many inspiring stocking holders made by bloggers all over the internet! Which one is your favorite?

DIY Stocking Hooks

two stocking hooks with gift wrapped blocks

These sturdy stocking hooks won't fall down on unsuspecting heads on Christmas morning! The festive gift wrapped blocks are made from scrap 2x4's, making this a quick and cheap DIY project!

DIY Wall Mount Stocking Holder

wall mount stocking holder

Hang a stocking anywhere with this simple DIY stocking hangers for the wall! You can customize them with stencils for each member of the family.

DIY Stocking Post

DIY stocking post with North Pole sign

This is another great solution if you don't have a fireplace! This stocking pole can be placed right next to the tree, so your kids can dig right in on Christmas morning.

DIY Curtain Rod Stocking Hanger

curtain rod stocking holder on mantel

What a genius way to hang lots of stockings! Just suspend a curtain rod between two stocking holders on the mantel and slide on as many as you need.

DIY Stocking Holder Box

stocking holder box on windowsill

Turn a simple wooden box into the perfect Christmas decoration! Add weight to the bottom of the box so it can hold all the stockings without tipping.

Safety tip:  For the next two stocking holders, make sure to only use empty stockings unless you attach the holders to your mantel somehow. They can be pulled down onto the heads of overexcited kids, and no one wants a trip to the ER on Christmas morning!

Monogrammed Stocking Holders

monogrammed stocking holders with glass knob hooks

These stocking holders are so elegant, and so easy to make!

Photo Stocking Holders

photo stocking holders

Personalize each stocking holder with your favorite photo of the recipient. The attached clips make it easy to switch out the picture every year!

So many festive choices! Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below!

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Kenyatta | My Design Rules

Thursday 16th of November 2017

I love these ideas especially since we don't have a fireplace or mantle. I have to be creative with where we hang our stockings.

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