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Tips for Painting Blinds Like a Pro

Yes, you can paint window blinds! I'm sharing all my tips for spray painting blinds instead of replacing them to save time and money!

painting blinds - how to paint window blinds

Vinyl blinds can become yellowed and dirty looking from sun damage. But painting blinds is the most cost effective way to bring them back to life! With just a few cans of spray paint, you can change the look of your window coverings without spending a fortune on new blinds!

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These vinyl window blinds have seen better days. Years of sun exposure had turned the white slats a gross yellow color, and they were pretty dirty too!

yellowed vinyl blinds before painting

Before I spent a ton of money replacing them, I decided to do a little experiment first. I've painted kitchen cabinets, a tile backsplash, and even a tile floor before. Why not try painting blinds instead of throwing them away?

Materials Needed for Painting Blinds

  • Vinyl or wood blinds
    • Make sure your blinds can be removed from the strings easily!
  • Cleaning supplies for washing blinds
    • I used dish soap, warm water and a regular sponge.
  • Sandpaper (optional)
  • Drop cloth or plastic tarp
  • Spray paint
    • Check the can to see if it will adhere to plastic!

How to Paint Window Blinds

The video below shows you how easy it is to spray paint your blinds!

Remove the Slats

These blinds are pretty easy to remove from the strings. They're held in place at the notches, but slide out easily.

removing slats from window blinds

Wash the Slats

Once all the slats were removed from the strings, I took them out to the backyard for a quick scrub. Just fill a bucket with warm, soapy water and clean off years of grime!

washing window blinds before painting

Give them a quick rinse with the hose, then leave them in the sun to dry. You could also do this in a bathtub (and you wouldn't have to deal with all the grass stuck to the slats like I did!)

rinsing off slats before painting blinds

Lightly Sand the slats (optional)

If your slats are really slick and smooth, you might want to rough yours up with sandpaper so the paint adheres properly. Mine had a bit of a texture to them, so I skipped this step.

Spray Paint the Blinds

Put down a drop cloth or tarp, then lay out the slats. Make sure you have enough space between them so you can paint the sides at the same time.

window blinds laid out on plastic tarp before painting

I like to use this handle on the spray paint can. It gives better control over the spray, and prevents my hands from getting painted in the process!

attaching spray paint handle to can

Use long, steady passes to apply a thin, even coat down the entire length of the slat. Get more tips on how to get a flawless spray paint finish here!

spray painting blinds

Once the first side is dry, flip them over and repeat the process. Make sure that you put them back in the same void they left on the drop cloth.

flipping over window blinds to paint other side

I wasn't careful about this at first, and some overspray stuck to the finished side. I thought I had ruined them, but rubbing them with a damp paper towel took the flakes right off. Whew!

Slide Slats Back into the Strings

Make sure the paint is fully cured before putting them back into the strings. The spray paint can should say how long that will take, but it's usually a couple hours.

It's a little time consuming to get all the slats back in the notches and facing the same way. Laying the blinds down on the table make it easier because there's less tension on the strings.

restringing the painted blinds

Attach blinds to window brackets

These blinds easily click back into their brackets, then the cornice piece pops right on top!

reattaching painted blinds to the window bracket

Test to make sure the cords work correctly, and all the slats are seated in the strings at the right angle.

testing painted window blinds

Enjoy Your Newly Painted Blinds!

Painting blinds is such a cheap and easy way to update your existing window coverings! Mine look brand new, and it only cost me a couple cans of spray paint!

finished painted window blinds

We have a few more sets of blinds like these throughout the house, and they'll all be getting a fresh coat of paint. I'm so glad we didn't just throw them away!

freshly painted window blinds

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how to paint yellowed window blinds


Wednesday 9th of October 2019

This is a great idea, what about the strings, are they yellowed as well?


Wednesday 9th of October 2019

The strings didn't look really yellowed, so I just left them as is. Paint would make them stiff and brittle, but you could soak them in bleach if they're looking particularly bad.

Marialana Lenhart

Tuesday 11th of October 2016

Thank you!! Just finished removing my blinds (I lay them on a tarp and clean with a hose and a brush after spraying them with a good spray cleaner) and hanging outside to dry. Every year I notice they are becoming yellowed where the sun hits them. These are crazy expensive as they are custom blinds. I've tossed around the idea of spray painting them, now you've given me the courage. Thanks for a very practical tip almost everyone can use.


Tuesday 11th of October 2016

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I love hearing how my tips help people! Our blinds were custom too, and I couldn't bear to replace them just because they were becoming yellowed. Good luck spray painting yours!


Friday 13th of May 2016

I really loved it the way it has been created here!

It can really add value to the look of our surrounding. Really great job done! What all I can say AWESOME!

Sarah Anderson

Friday 19th of February 2016

I didn't realize that the sun could start to yellow vinyl. At least a can of spray paint is a good way to fix it. It's much cheaper than replacing them every time you want them fixed.

Westly Smith

Monday 25th of January 2016

This is a great idea! Honestly, I didn't know that blinds faded after a while. I think that spray painting them is a way better option than replacing them. I'm going to go home and check if we need to do this to ours. I don't pay that much attention to our blinds.

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