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Yes, You Can Carpet over Tile Floor!

Yes, you CAN carpet over tile! We transformed our cold, echoing basement into a cozy family room with a thick carpet pad and cushy carpet.

carpet over tile before and after

Ever wonder if you could carpet over tile? Well, you can! Our basement family room was cold and unwelcoming. The addition of wall to wall carpet over the tile floor warmed up the space and made it our favorite spot to hang out!

A family room should be a comfortable place to hang out, watch movies, and sprawl out on the floor. We definitely couldn't do that with on the hard tile!

The thought of ripping up all that tile gave me nightmares! Plus, it served as a moisture barrier to keep the damp concrete at bay.

basement tile floor before carpeting

Instead, we searched for the thickest carpet and pad we could find. This will prevent us from feeling the grout lines underneath (plus, it's just more comfortable!)

We chose the Home Decorators Collection Madison II in the Manassas color from Home Depot. It has two layers of carpet fibers that makes it super soft and squishy. The color has a blend of gray and dark brown twisted into the off-white fibers which camouflages dirt and goes well with our wall and furniture colors.

carpet sample on hardwood floor

We were worried that the carpet installers would balk over the idea of carpet over tile, but they knew exactly what to do. They nailed the tack strip into the grout lines around the edge of the room, so no tile was broken during installation.

Since this is a walk-out basement, they left enough squares of tile exposed to allow for the exterior door to swing in and room for muddy shoes to be removed. Suddenly the tile floor is a good thing!

no carpet over the tile in front of the exterior door

Once the new couch was moved into place, along with the TV and a few other small pieces of furniture, it was starting to feel like a room we would actually spend time in!

carpeted tile floor with furniture in place

We love to play board games, and this table and chairs is much more comfortable with soft carpet underfoot!

basement family room with table and chairs and carpet over tile floor

One problem we encountered after installing carpet over the tile floor was the pocket door to the bathroom. The friction underneath made it difficult to close.

pocket door stuck from friction of newly installed carpet

Instead of trying to fix it, I decided to build a sliding barn door to go over the opening instead. Now it glides freely over the carpet and makes a statement in our family room!

sliding barn door to replace pocket door to bathroom

Our family room has come a long way from the cold, unwelcoming space it was when we first moved in. Now it's our favorite spot to hang out!

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Azra Ali

Wednesday 26th of December 2018

Hi, how did you do the transition from the carpet tile by the front door? I don’t see any transition pieces in the picture or I could be wrong.


Thursday 27th of December 2018

There's a metal transition piece nailed into the grout lines around the door. We left the tiles within the door's swing radius exposed so it's easier to clean and won't ruin the carpet.


Sunday 11th of November 2018


How did you do the transition from the carpet tile by the front door? I don’t see any transition pieces in the picture or I could be wrong.

Amanda Tempel

Wednesday 21st of March 2018

Do you know if once you get the carpet installed over, can you later decide to remove it, to once again have the tile underneath, or does it become damaged?


Wednesday 21st of March 2018

The installers nailed the tack strip into the grout around the outside perimeter of the room. If we ever want to make it tile again, we can rip out the carpet and fill in the holes with new grout. None of the tiles were damaged.

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