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DIY Starbucks Ornament

This adorable Starbucks ornament is sooo easy to make and looks so cute on the Christmas tree! Show your love of lattes this holiday, or pair it with a Starbucks gift card for the perfect Christmas present for coffee lovers!

DIY Starbucks ornament

I live in Seattle, and I visit our "local" coffee shop for my overly complicated caffeinated beverage all.the.time. I've even decorated our kitchen with Starbucks mugs that I've collected in our travels! So what better way to celebrate the holiday season than with this adorable DIY Starbucks ornament on the Christmas tree!

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These miniature lattes are quick to make, and you could even customize them to look like your favorite drink! They make great gifts too! I'm hanging ours next to my DIY driftwood Christmas tree ornament for a Seattle themed branch. 🙂

Materials Needed for DIY Starbucks Ornament

How to Make a Starbucks Ornament

Cut out and Paint the Top

Using the top of the cup as a template, cut out a circle from the cardboard. 

Paint the top of your cardboard circle with a combination of brown and white craft paint. Layer the colors with swirls of darker and lighter shades to simulate the effect of freshly poured coffee with milk. Allow paint to dry fully.

painting cardboard circle for coffee ornament

Gently dry brush the white paint onto the circle to create your latte design. Remember that even a master barista doesn't always make the perfect latte designs, so it's ok to make yours a little messy! You can brush off any mistakes with a paper towel before the paint dries.

painting latte design for DIY Starbucks ornament

Trim the Circle to Fit the Cup

The circle should sit about ¼" deep inside the cup so it looks like a full cup of coffee. Trim around the outside edge of the cardboard at an angle, so that the bottom (unpainted side) is slightly smaller than the top side. This will help it sit better in the cup.

latte design painted on a cardboard circle to be inserted in the DIY Starbucks ornament

Add the Ribbon

You need to add a small bit of ribbon to the top of the cup in order to hang your Starbucks ornament on the tree. Cut a 3-4 inch piece of ribbon and make a loop, then hot glue it in place on the back side of the cup.

adding ribbon to the back of the Starbucks ornament

Insert the Painted Circle into the Starbucks Cup

While the hot glue from the ribbon is still warm, push the cardboard circle into the top of the cup. Add small amounts of hot glue along the edge to keep the disc straight and sturdy, but clean up any large blobs before they harden.

adding the painted latte circle to the top of the Starbucks cup

Hang your DIY Starbucks Ornament on the Christmas Tree!

Isn't it just adorable? I love how it looks hanging on the Christmas tree!

DIY Starbucks ornament hanging on a Christmas tree

It would make the perfect Christmas gift paired with a Starbucks gift card for the coffee addict in your life!

DIY Starbucks latte ornament on table with Christmas decor in background