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Lumber and Scrap Wood Storage Ideas

Is your scrap wood pile a mess? Get organized with one of these lumber storage ideas! You'll find wall-mounted, mobile and built-in options to fit any space!

lumber storage ideas

After you have a few woodworking projects under your belt, you'll start to develop quite the collection of scrap wood. I keep all but the smallest of pieces, because you'll never know when they'll come in handy! You can find lots of scrap wood projects in this article if you need some inspiration.

But eventually, the pile gets out of control...

scrap wood pile

Not only does this mess make it impossible to see the pieces at the bottom of the pile, but it's a safety hazard too! You don't want to trip over a chunk of wood and fall into any of the sharp tools around the workshop!

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What's the best way to store lumber?

If you have the space, storing lumber horizontally is the best way to keep it straight and flat. But you don't want to keep it on the ground, where moisture can cause the wood to develop mold or rot. Wall mounted lumber racks are a great way to store lumber out of the way until your next project.

If you're storing lumber long term, consider placing "stickers" between the stacked boards. These are small, evenly spaced scrap boards that allow for air flow around the wood and provide support all along the length.

stickered lumber storage

Sheet goods, like plywood, are a little trickier to store in a garage or workshop. A full sheet usually measures 4'x8', and some are really heavy and unwieldy. A lumber cart with a slot for plywood will keep sheet goods vertical to take up less space and off the ground so they stay protected. Put it on wheels to make it easier to maneuver!

Ready to get that scrap wood pile under control? Here are 15 amazing lumber storage ideas to keep all those extra pieces at your fingertips!

Wall Mounted Lumber Rack Ideas

The best way to store long pieces of lumber is horizontally, with lots of support along the entire length. This prevents warping and keeps the wood straight and flat until your next project. Here are some great wall mounted lumber rack ideas for your garage or workshop!

Scrap Wood Storage Ideas

After you have a few woodworking projects under your belt, you'll start to accumulate quite a collection of scrap wood. I never throw away anything bigger than six inches, because even those small pieces can be useful! Here are some smart ways to keep your scrap wood pile under control.

Which of these scrap wood storage ideas is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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scrap wood storage ideas

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Saturday 25th of July 2020

Your scrap wood storage ideas are brilliant.

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