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Lumber Rack with Whiteboard Wall

Keep your lumber rack organized and labeled with a whiteboard wall! This paneling lets you write directly on the wall to identify dimensions and species at a glance.

lumber rack with whiteboard wall

Welcome back to Workshop Wednesday! You can see all my previous Workshop Wednesday posts here. Today, I'm giving my lumber rack an upgrade! No more digging through piles and dodging falling 2x4's to find the piece I need!

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My workshop is in our former garage in the basement. The wood-lined walls, low ceilings and minimal natural light leave it feeling cramped, and the clutter makes it even worse!

cluttered lumber rack

This lumber rack was left by the previous owner, and probably wasn't meant to hold this much weight. I had stacked it so full, it was hard to pull out one board without causing an avalanche!

jumbled wood on lumber rack

I wanted to brighten up the workshop and create a more organized system for storing scrap wood. This lumber rack with whiteboard wall solves both those problems!

Materials for Lumber Rack with Whiteboard Wall

How to install a Lumber Rack with Whiteboard Wall

Clear the space

Start by clearing everything off the wall. I stacked all my lumber off to one side of the workshop and got rid of a lot of random scraps. Then I removed the shelf standards and pegboard. All I was left with was a dark wood wall.

dark paneling in garage

I had originally planned to just paint this wall white. But after painting the wood paneling in another section of the workshop, I decided it would take too long and use too much paint to be worth the effort.

Cut and install the whiteboard paneling

This white panel board is less than $15 a sheet. I had three sheets cut into 2 foot wide strips at the store so I could get it into my car. The narrower pieces were also easier to hang by myself!

Attach each panel to the wall with 1" screws. You could also use Liquid Nails. Cut around any obstructions, like I did with this heating duct. Make a template out of paper, trace it onto the panel board, and cut it out with a jigsaw. I tucked the cable cord behind the panels to keep it out of sight.

paper template to cut around ductwork

My workshop gradually transformed from dark and dreary to bright and airy as each panel went up!

step by step photos of whiteboard paneling being installed

I gave it a good wipe down with Windex to remove the dust from cutting the panel board (it makes a mess!) I've heard that waxing the surface will make it last longer, but I'm not too concerned about it looking pristine. But I did cover up the seams and screws with white duct tape for a cleaner look.

wiping down dust from whiteboard paneling

Install the lumber rack

After admiring my clean, white wall for a while, it was time to install my new lumber rack. I snagged this Portamate lumber rack on Amazon Prime Day for a great discount! It's really simple to install, and super sturdy.

Portamate lumber rack pieces

I installed the lumber rack brackets five feet apart, but you can go anywhere between four and six feet. I love how the orange arms pop against the whiteboard wall!

Portamate lumber rack installed on a whiteboard paneled wall

Add more supports if necessary

To support those smaller scrap pieces, I added two of the standards and brackets I removed from the wall earlier. The holes of one standard didn't line up perfectly with all the lumber rack arms, so I added a second one next to it and staggered the holes. You can learn more about how to install these adjustable wall shelf brackets in this post.

adjustable shelf brackets in between the arms of the lumber rack

Load up your new lumber rack

Sort through your lumber and group like pieces together. Then load each type onto its own slot on the lumber rack!

lumber organized on a lumber rack

Label each shelf

Now here's the best part about that whiteboard wall . . . you can write on it! I tried a few different types of dry erase markers, but found that Crayola dry erase crayons are the easiest to remove. This whiteboard wall would be perfect for a kids playroom too!

dry erase crayons

Next to each pile of wood, mark the dimension or species. It's easy to erase and change as you use up your scraps! Here's how I broke down mine:

labeled shelves of lumber rack

There's still plenty of room left on the wall to draw plans, or write down cut lists. No more hunting for that piece of paper hiding somewhere in the workshop! I can glance up to see which piece to cut next, and cross them off as I go.

writing cut list on whiteboard wall in workshop

Add more storage with pegboard

The pegboard went back up on the wall, and I took the time to organize it properly this time. Frequently used items like clamps and a bench brush now have a home here. Everything else is on another pegboard on the other side of shop.

pegboard installed on whiteboard wall next to lumber rack

Changing up this wall was like a breath of fresh air for my workshop! Now I feel so much more productive, and can't wait to tackle my next project!

labeled lumber on rack

Want more lumber storage ideas? Check out my rolling scrap wood cart too!

lumber rack labeled with whiteboard wall

April R - Uncookie Cutter

Thursday 24th of August 2017

This is amazing!! I'm copying you...


Thursday 24th of August 2017

Copy away! I really love being able to write on the walls!

Ashley | Handmade with Ashley

Friday 4th of August 2017

I love what you did with the space! I'm especially loving that white board wall. :)


Thursday 3rd of August 2017

What a great idea! Our garage is old and ugly and even installing this board over the studs would be instantly bright and wouldn't need to be painted. I love that you can label all your boards. Plus that wood storage system is fantastic! If only I had a free wall in the garage to install it I'd totally get one.

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