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How to Fix a Leaning Fence (the LAZY way!)

Need to fix a leaning fence post, but don't want to replace it? Here's a quick and easy way to keep it vertical without adding concrete!

how to fix a leaning fence post

A few weeks ago, I replaced the pickets on our fence so they matched the new section we had installed last year. It turned out great, except for one small issue...

As I was pulling off the panels, I accidentally loosened one of the posts in the ground, causing the entire fence to lean into the garden bed. Oops!

fence leaning into the yard

I wanted to avoid pulling out the old concrete and setting a new post, so I started looking for a quick solution. It wasn't leaning too badly, and the post wasn't rotten. But it definitely wasn't straight anymore!

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Originally, I was thinking of building a brace kinda like the bottom of the bike rack I built a few years ago. The leaning section will be hidden behind our new greenhouse, so the brace wouldn't be seen. But there's no good way to anchor it into the ground...

bike rack bottom

Then I remembered the offset posts that the contractor had to make for our back fence. With this bracket, he was able to avoid drilling into the retaining wall while keeping the fence on the property line.

offset fence post bracket

So I did a quick search and found these fence post repair stakes that work in a similar way! The offset spike gives it some leverage and avoids the concrete footing of the leaning post. Perfect!

leaning fence post repair bracket

Best of all, installation is super simple and doesn't require concrete!

First, locate the leaning fence post. You don't want to attach the bracket to a picket, because the bolts won't have enough wood to bite into. I was working on the finished side of the fence, so I had to peek over it to find the post.

leaning fence from loose fence post

Push on the leaning fence until it's back to its original upright condition. Use a level to check that it's plumb. You may need an extra set of hands to hold the fence in place while you work.

Place the bracket flat against the fence with the point of the stake out of the soil. Double check that the fence is vertical, then slide the bracket straight down and press it as far as you can.

While keeping the fence upright, drive the stake into the ground the rest of the way with a rubber mallet. Do not use a hammer, or you could damage the coating and cause the stake to rust.

driving the fence repair stake into the ground with a rubber mallet

Next, drill pilot holes through each of the holes in the bracket. This will prevent the wood from splitting and causing even more issues! This fence post repair kit came with the right size bit for the bolts.

drilling pilot holes in fence post through fence repair bracket

Finally, secure the fence post to the bracket using the included bolts. I screwed all of them in partway just to get them started, then tightened them. It was so satisfying to see the bottom of the fence pulling into the bracket and straighten up!

tightening bolts on fence post repair bracket

Even though there was only one leaning post, I decided to reinforce the next post that had a bit of wobble as well. I was really surprised by how sturdy the fence felt once they were both installed! It's just as solid as the new posts set in concrete!

leaning fence fixed with metal brackets

While the black brackets are visible against the natural cedar fence, they'll be easy to hide with shrubs. The log against the fence is there to prevent direct soil contact with the bottom of the slats.

And the lean is totally gone!

loose fence post after repair

I'm so glad I was able to fix the leaning fence posts without setting new ones in concrete! Now I don't have to worry about it falling into our new greenhouse!


Friday 10th of May 2024

Great brackets! Where are they available for purchase?

Vineta Jackson

Friday 10th of May 2024

You can find them on Amazon here!