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How to Install a Door Knob with Keypad

Learn how to install a door knob in a few easy steps! In this tutorial, I'm replacing a standard door knob with a door knob with a keypad.

how to install a door knob

After years of planning, we finally built a greenhouse in our backyard! This gorgeous space will be used both for growing plants (obviously) and as an indoor/outdoor living room during Seattle's dreary winter months.

greenhouse with double doors

We're super happy with how the build turned out, but there was one tiny detail that I knew I needed to change immediately...the door knob. We opted for double doors, and the manufacturer used standard privacy door knobs that could be opened with a flat head screwdriver. Not ideal!

door knob before

So after bringing in all my plants and seedlings, the next order of business was installing a new door knob with a keypad. I'll be able to get in the greenhouse without keys, and it will lock automatically behind me when I leave. Perfect!

Here's how I installed it!

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Tools and Materials

  • New door knob
    • I got this one, which has the keypad right on the knob instead of a deadbolt
  • Philips head screwdriver
  • Drill and drill bit (if you need to drill pilot holes for the screws)

Remove the old door knob

On the inside of the door, there should be two screws that hold both sides of the knob securely to the door. Use a matching screwdriver to back out the screws.

I used a drill here, but a hand screwdriver would be better to avoid stripping the screws or damaging the side of the knob.

removing screws from the back of the door knob with a drill

Once the screws are removed, you should be able to pull the back of the knob off the spindle. Then pull the front of the knob out from the latch.

removing the door knob from the door

Then you can unscrew the latch from the side of the door and pull it out.

removing the latch from the door

You may not need to replace the strike plate on the door frame. They're all pretty much the same, but if you're changing colors, you can remove the old one.

Install the new door latch

Now you do the entire process in reverse, starting with the latch. Make sure the angled side is facing towards the door frame, and slide it into the hole.

inserting the new door knob latch into the hole in the side of the door

Then screw the plate to the side of the door. As you can see, the recessed hole in my door has rounded corners, while the plate is rectangular. I was able to fit it in there, but if yours doesn't, you can chisel out the corners to make them the same size.

screwing in the new latch in the door knob hole

A word of caution: don't let the door close with the latch in place without a knob! It can be a real pain to get the door open again. I used my cordless drill as a doorstop to prevent it from closing.

using a cordless drill as a door stop while installing the door knob

If you find yourself locked out of the room without the knob attached, watch this video to get back inside!

Insert the front door knob

My door knob has a keypad on the front, and a battery pack on the back. First, I carefully threaded the power connector through the hole in the center of the latch.

cord for battery of door knob keypad pushed through hole in latch

Then I lined up the two rods on the back of the knob with the two holes on either side of the latch. Check to make sure that the numbers on the keypad are facing the correct way!

door knob with keypad installed on door

One thing I liked about this particular keypad door knob was that it came with an emergency key. I kept it looped on the front knob until I was sure that everything was installed correctly and the new code worked before storing it safely inside the house.

Attach the back door knob

Pull the wire through the hole in the middle of the back knob so it can connect to the battery.

installing the back of the keypad door knob with the wire inserted into center

Then line up the screws with the rods from the front knob. It helps to angle the knob down so you can see where they connect, then turn the screw with your fingers a few times until it catches.

lining up the screws from the back of the door knob with the rods inside

Then you can tighten the screws to secure the knob in place. I like how this knob has holes through the back, so you can screw it in straight!

installing a new door knob with screws in back

If you're installing a regular door knob, you're done! But if it has a keypad, you'll need to attach the battery.

Attach the battery pack (optional)

This keypad door knob uses 4 AAA batteries to power the lock. After inserting them, connect the battery pack to the door knob wire.

connecting the battery pack for door knob keypad

Then line up the screw holes with the holes inside the knob and secure the battery pack in place.

screwing on battery cover for door knob keypad

Check your manual to see how to change the code from the generic master code to your own personal combination. This one can also change the default from auto-locking to require a button press to lock.

door knob keypad

Now my greenhouse is secure! I feel much better knowing that the door automatically locks, so I don't have to run out at bedtime to check the lock!

door knob with keypad installed on wooden door