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20 Amazing DIY Plant Stand Ideas for Your Home

Put your prized plants on display with these easy DIY plant stand ideas! You'll find amazing indoor and outdoor plant stands to surround your home with beautiful foliage and blooms.

DIY plant stand ideas collage

Over the years, I've become one of those crazy people that wants to cram houseplants into every corner. But I'm running out of places to put them!

Our outdoor spaces are no different. Between the mini greenhouse I built and the large variety of planter boxes I've placed around the deck and porch, it's starting to look like a jungle out there!

One easy way to add more space for all this greenery is to go vertical with one of these DIY plant stand ideas! Whether you need multiple shelves or a single pedestal, you'll find the perfect spot for your prized plants in this list.

Which of these DIY plant stand ideas is your favorite? I'd love to hear your opinion in the comments below!