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17 Smart & Simple DIY Laptop Stand Ideas

If you work on a laptop from bed, the couch or a desk at home, check out these DIY laptop stand ideas to stay comfortable and productive!

collage of DIY laptop stand ideas

A laptop gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, even your own bed! But after a while, the heat and awkward angle makes it uncomfortable and limits your productivity.

These DIY laptop stand ideas give you a solid surface to rest your computer over your lap, or raise the screen up to eye level to keep proper posture at your desk. Some of them even offer storage to create a mini-office anywhere!

Frequently Asked Questions about Laptop Stands

Is it better to have a laptop on a stand?

Laptop stands have several benefits. It brings the screen closer to eye level, which is more ergonomic. It also makes it easier to work with an external keyboard and mouse. A laptop stand also keeps your expensive computer safe from spills and crumbs that may occur on the desktop.

Do laptop stands help with neck pain?

Staring at a low computer screen all day can make your neck and shoulders sore. Elevating your laptop on a stand brings the screen up to eye level and can help reduce neck pain.

Can I use a book as a laptop stand?

Sure! Pretty much anything can be used as a laptop stand, and a stack of books is a great way to customize the height of your screen. However, it may not be the sturdiest option and you might not want to perch your laptop on a wobbly tower of books!

laptop on stack of books

Which of these DIY laptop stand ideas is your favorite? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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