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20 DIY Toy Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Corral the clutter and save space in your playroom, living room or kids bedroom with these genius DIY toy storage ideas!

DIY Toy Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

When my son was little, we lived in a small condo with very little storage space. It felt like I was constantly tripping over or stepping on toys! I had to get creative, and come up with ways to keep all his toys contained while still making them easily accessible.

Even though my son is older now and we have a bigger house, we STILL battle the toy clutter! Half of the projects on this list are ones I've made myself to keep our home organized. Hopefully these DIY toy storage ideas will help you find the right solution for your space!

Now that the toys are organized, how about the rest of the house? 🙂 Here are some great storage ideas for every room!