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33 Lego Storage Ideas to Save Your Sanity

Tired of Lego pieces everywhere? I've found 33 of the BEST Lego storage ideas, from Lego tables and trays to travel bins, to keep pieces contained!

lego storage ideas

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Lego Tables

Lego tables don't have to be a huge piece of furniture that takes up half the living room! It can be as simple as a storage ottoman, or double as a homework desk when playtime is over. Having a designated Lego building area helps keep the pieces from wandering throughout the house!

Don't have time to DIY? Buy one of these Lego tables instead!

Lego Minifigure Storage

Lego storage isn't limited to just bricks! I never quite realized how many minifigures my son had until I saw them all in one bin! When he's in the middle of an imaginary ninja battle, finding the right bad guy in that jumble of pieces is tough. By giving these little characters their own space, it frees up storage for other things and makes them easier to find!

Don't want to make your own? There are some great options to buy here!

Lego Trays

What a great Lego storage idea! Give kids a flat place to build and play, then roll or slide it under the bed when it's time to clean up! I have a few of these on my to-build list this year.

If you don't have the tools to make your own, you can order a personalized version from sellers on Etsy!

Lego Travel Bins and Bags

Lego can be tricky to travel with, but they can keep kids busy when on the road or visiting friends and family. These genius Lego travel bins contain all the pieces so they won't get lost!

Need something for a last minute weekend road trip? Order this one from Amazon today!

Lego Storage

What's the best way to organize Lego pieces? By color? Size? Shape? Set? However you prefer to sort them, keep them in the right spot with these Lego organization ideas!

Lego Storage Containers

The Lego minifigure head is an iconic part of these building toys. I can't even count the number of disembodied heads hidden in the carpet of our playroom! Make putting them away fun with one of these giant minifigure heads!

Lindsay Fay

Wednesday 2nd of January 2019

Your lego storage area looks fantastic! I have a quick question though- can your son reach the wall mounted organizers? Or do they come down during play time for easy access? They look tall in the picture, but maybe that’s just the photo angle.

And I love Her Tool Belt's portable lego tote for the car! That really is genius!


Friday 4th of January 2019

It looks like the organizers are really high on the wall, but they're only a few feet high. The attic ceiling is sloped, so the point where it meets the wall is only 3 feet tall.

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