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5 DIY Home Improvement Projects to Complete this Winter

Winter is the perfect time to check DIY home improvement projects off your to-do list! Here are five easy ideas you can tackle this winter!

image collage of DIY home improvement projects with text overlay

While most homeowners attempt to tackle DIY home improvement projects during the warm spring and summer months, winter is actually the perfect time to improve your home.

You’re likely stuck inside avoiding the cold weather, so why not spend some time working on a project you put off earlier in the year!

You’ll be happy you’re able to cross something off your to-do list, and you’ll free up some time in the spring for your outdoor tasks. If you’re looking for a DIY home improvement project to do this winter, consider one of these five ideas.

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It’s best to tackle this winter home improvement project at the beginning of the season so you’ll reap the benefits throughout the colder months. Adding insulation will not only lower your utility bill, but it will also make your home more environmentally friendly and ensure that you stay nice and toasty!

adding insulation to attic

Since heat rises, most of the heat loss in your home escapes through your roof. To really make an impact, add an extra layer of insulation in your attic. Learn how with the video below!

Consider adding layers of insulation in your basement or garage to prevent heat loss from these areas as well. You can get garage door insulation kits to keep that space warmer in winter and cooler in summer too!

inside of garage

You should also take this time to check the weatherstripping on your windows and doors. If you can see light around the door frame or feel a draft near a window, it's time to give it an update. There are lots of kits that make this DIY home improvement project really easy, and it can make a big impact on your heating bill!


Chances are, you’ve been staring at the walls of your home day in and day out while you go stir crazy watching the snow fall all winter. Painting gives you the biggest bang for your buck and it's quick and easy to do yourself!

You can paint those textured walls with a bright new color or brighten up that dark wood paneling to make a dated space feel a little less dreary. You can even transform your kitchen by painting your cabinets or backsplash

painting textured walls with roller

Why stop at the walls? Did you know you can even paint a tile floor! A bold stencil can make a blah bathroom floor really pop!

half bath remodel floor paint

Keep in mind that it’s probably a good idea to crack a window or two during the process to allow for proper air circulation. You should choose an eco-friendly paint that's low in VOCs if you're particularly sensitive to the smell.

Update Light Fixtures

Lighting can instantly transform a room. This winter, brighten your home and create a new look in any room with new light fixtures. You can even make your own like this DIY wall sconce!

DIY lamp on a marble table

Since the sun goes down far too early in the winter, changing up your lighting is a great DIY home improvement project to improve your mood. Replacing our kitchen track lighting was a quick and easy way to make the entire space feel so much bigger and brighter!

updated track lighting diy home improvement project

For a more advanced project, consider adding dimmers, Smart light switches, or recessed lighting. Always consult an electrician if you're not comfortable tackling this task on your own!

Replace Your Flooring

Are you tired of walking on your threadbare bedroom carpet? Does your kitchen floor make you cringe every time you cook dinner? This is the perfect time to replace your old flooring with something more durable or stylish.

Replacing or adding carpet in your home is a great home improvement project to tackle in the winter. It can instantly create a sense of warmth and comfort to a room. We even installed carpet over our tile floor in the basement to make it feel cozier!

carpet installation

Just be sure to open windows during installation to allow the fumes from the off-gassing of your new carpet to dissipate. Or you can ask the retailer to allow the carpet to air out for several days before it’s installed in your home.

You could also install a variety of other flooring, such as hardwood floors or tile. If you're thinking of changing up your bathroom, keep in mind that tile may need to be cut using a wet saw, which will pose a problem if the weather is below freezing outside. Get my tips for cutting limestone tile here!

cutting limestone tile on a tile saw

Check out this full bathroom remodel and my half bath makeover for more inspiration!


When the weather warms up, the last place you’ll want to be is inside reorganizing your home. Make the most of the time you’re spending inside by doing some early spring cleaning!

messy closet full of clothes

The best part about this easy DIY home improvement project is that you can tackle it in small chunks throughout the entire winter, and it won’t disrupt your home one bit.

Take a day each week to organize one room or closet at a time. That way, you won’t become overwhelmed with the enormity of the task, and you’ll be more likely to finish.

DIY garage shelves filled with plastic bins and suitcase storage underneath

Here are some great ideas for organizing every space in your home!

You can find all my storage and organization ideas here!

Which of these ideas are you planning to tackle in the coming months? I always feel the urge to organize after Christmas when the toys seem to multiply! Stay tuned for some new storage posts coming in the new year!